CASK FORCE: Gosling Rum Finish Double Rye Whiskey


Release: Single Barrel, Hill Rock Double Cask Rye Finished in Gosling’s Family Reserve Rum Cask

The one thing that we don’t lack here at Cask Force is creativity. As you will see with this current release, we have curated and crafted one of the most unique, custom spirits you have ever tasted. When selecting our first Hill Rock rye whiskey barrel, we selected the cask that best represented the terroir of the Hudson Valley with rich, cinnamon and clove tones vindictive of Hillrock’s home-grown rye. During the selection process, we noticed that one of the barrels had a particular creaminess that stood out amongst the others. We knew we wanted it for a future collaboration so our friend and Master Distiller, Dave Pickerell set the barrel aside for us while we made some phone calls.

We reached out to our old friend, Malcolm Gosling in Bermuda who willingly shipped us a freshly emptied Gosling’s Family Reserve Old Rum barrel (one of the finest sipping rums around). We drove the rum cask to Hill Rock and had them finish the creamy rye inside for 71 days. Without creating an overly sticky, sweet product we’ve strived to impart some subtle vanilla and molasses notes while maintaining a whiskey backbone. The delicate rum undertones add a layer of silkiness to the pallet that distinguishes this small batch release from the original.

We have noticed that like fine wine, this expression opens up significantly after being poured and the flavor becomes more complex as the whiskey has a chance to breathe (we actually decant it). This release is limited to 200 bottles and can not be imitated. Buy a bottle, call some friends, and take this fine American spirit it to the beach or a 4th of July BBQ. When intriguing Caribbean cream and caramel notes mingle with rich toffee and Asian spice it makes this the ultimate summer sipping whiskey ever! Cask Force is only intended to be enjoyed with good company.

Shelf Price: $99.99
One-time E-mail Price: $90.00
Special 3pk Price: $250.00

We’ll have a sample bottle open at all locations starting this weekend if you’re interested in trying this uniquely crafted whiskey. Make sure your bottle is numbered, Barrel No. 100 to ensure its authenticity.


CASK FORCE is your personal, forward-thinking whiskey and spirit negociant, sourcing barrels from Vermont to Bermuda and re-using them to create a custom and unique product. As rare whiskeys are becoming harder and harder to obtain, we take pride in bringing you top-quality products that are always hand-selected by our team. We take full advantage of every opportunity we can to re-use our hand-selected barrels by refilling them with other spirits or finishing age-worthy craft beers and ciders in them. The result is a brand new product with more complex nuances obtained from the wood and of course a product that you cannot find anywhere else. Hop on board and follow the barrels with our team. -Cask Force